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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment program is a major activity of Gopalnagar Shuvayan to provide women a sustainable life.

Training in HandCrafts

We have trained the women in fabric painting on sarees with intricately designed motifs, painting on diyas and terracotta platters

Health Camp for Woman

Gopalnagar Shuvayan started distributing free sanitary napkins and organized regular health camps on menstrual hygiene

* Donations will come under Rebate of section 80G *

Our Activities

School Bag Distribution

Gopalnagar Shuvayan Children’s Camps were conducted during the summer holidays in May.

Medical Camp for Senior Citizen

Gopalnagar Shuvayan has organized medical  helath camp for senior citizen in Rural Area of Purulia West Bengal.

School kit Distribution

Gopalnagar Shuvayan has taken the responsibility to create an environment for our Rural area Childrens

Blanket Distribution to Needy People

Gopalnagar Shuvayan distributed 500 Blanket Nearby villages of Block manbazar in purulia West Bengal

Medical Camp for women

Gopalnagar Shuvayan has organized medical  helath camp for Women in Rural area of Purulia West Bengal.

School kit Distribution

Gopalnagar Shuvayan has taken the responsibility to create an environment for youths

Ration Kit Distribution in the Pandemic

Gopalnagar Shuvayan distributed 500 Packet Of Ration Kit of villages of Block Manbazar in Purulia West Bengal

Ration Kit Distribution Phase II

We have Distributed Ration Kit Packet of 12 Villages of Purulia West Bengal with the Help from Tech Mahindra Foundation.

Coaching for SC/ST & Backward Student

Gopalnagar Shuvayan has been running Coaching from 2015 onwards………..

About Us

GOPALNAGAR SHUVAYAN is a non-profit organization of Gopalnagar,  Purulia started its journey in 1997. It has been Twenty three years of excitement, hope, occasional bouts of disappointment, and lots of good learning outcomes for children. Over the years, the organization has provided preschool access to over 10,000 children. We have to provide free coaching classes of our SCs/STs students from the last 10 years in Kundru Village of Manbazar Block Purulia Districts West Bengal. The organization has provided lots of activities in Health Programs, Vocational courses for boys and girls, and get benefited from rural areas people of Purulia District in setting up the businesses.

Our Goals

Execute programs with high efficiency and minimized costs through partnerships with NGOs, like-minded organizations, and government programs.

Our Vision

opalnagar Shuvayan will convert stumbling blocks into stepping stones on a pathway of change and Development that will have multiple impacts on the economically underprivileged.


1. We organize Health Check-up Camps for rural and poor people for free of cost.

2. We are going to organize clothes distribution camp to distribute quilts, winter garments, etc as the winter season is arriving.

3. Health and Social Awareness camps are also in our upcoming events. From our NGO every year, we organize this to make people aware.

Secretary Desk

‘Gopalnagar Shuvayan’ has the proud privilege and honor of inheriting the legacy of Swami Vivekananda, a pioneer in the field of social development for distressed and poor people. The goal of ‘wiping every tear from every eye’ articulated powerfully for the nation and we have tried to contribute to the formulation of policies and designing of programs and build capacity in the areas of social development, particularly education, health, rural development, and human rights.

Nishat Perween


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